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Meet Faith: From Administrator to 5-Star Customer Service

Discover how Faith, a recent graduate of our L3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship, went above and beyond in her role at Advantage Finance. Learn about her journey from administrative support to managing disputes with exceptional customer service skills.

What are panic attacks and how to handle them?

Read here to learn about panic attacks. Including what they are, why they occur and how you can best learn to handle them. Learning to deal with these panic attacks will have a positive impact on mental health.

The History of Democracy: A British Value

Discover the key events that molded modern democracy in Great Britain, from the Magna Carta to the Reform Act 1832 and beyond. Find out why democracy is a fundamental British value and how it continues to affect us today!

Inclusive Recruitment

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Discrimination in the workplace is a long-standing issue that still persists today. One solution that stands out is inclusive recruitment

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