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Inclusive Recruitment

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Inclusive Recruitment: 5 Tips on How to Hire Inclusively Without Discriminating

Discrimination in the workplace is a long-standing issue that still persists today. Many companies have taken on the task of addressing and combating discrimination in the workplace. One solution that stands out is inclusive recruitment.

Inclusive recruitment is a practice that ensures that each candidate is given an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. Inclusivity benefits not only the employees but also the company as it brings in diverse perspectives, ideas, and skills. Here’s how to hire inclusively without discriminating.

Develop a job description that is focused on competencies

A job description should be developed to focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the job. Avoid using biased language and phrases that could discourage candidates from applying. For example, words that indicate age, ethnicity, religion, or disabilities should not be included in the job description.

Also, avoid using gendered language in job descriptions. Words such as ‘analyse’, ‘competitive’ and ‘ambitious’ typically attract men. Whereas ‘supportive’, compassionate’ and ‘collaborative’ tend to cater towards women. Software such as Gender De-Coder can help see if there is a bias and how you can change it.

Use blind CV’s

A blind CV omits personal information such as name, address, gender, age, and ethnicity, providing the employer with only job-related qualifications. This allows candidates to be evaluated based on their qualifications and not their personal attributes, ensuring a fair recruitment process.

Inclusive recruitment brings  diversity to a business

Avoid unconscious bias

Unconscious bias can occur during the recruitment process. It involves favouring or discriminating against a candidate based on personal attributes or beliefs, such as gender, race, and ethnicity. To avoid unconscious bias, interviewers should ask questions that are job-related. Additionally, candidates should be assessed based on objective criteria, such as their educational background, experience, and skills.

Offer accommodation and support

As an employer, it is important to create a supportive work environment for all employees. This could mean providing accommodations for employees with disabilities, scheduling flexibility for employees with religious or personal commitments, or offering training and support for employees from diverse backgrounds. By being accommodating and supportive, employers can create an environment that values all employees equally.

Monitor and evaluate

Monitor the recruitment process and evaluate it regularly to ensure that the hiring practices are inclusive and unbiased. Collect data on the diversity of the candidate pool, identify areas of bias in the recruitment process, and implement strategies to correct any issues. By monitoring and evaluating the recruitment process, employers can identify potential issues that could be preventing certain groups from being hired and implement changes to increase inclusivity.

In conclusion, hiring inclusively is crucial in addressing discrimination in the workplace. By developing job descriptions focused on competencies, using blind resumes, avoiding unconscious bias, offering accommodation and support, and monitoring and evaluating the recruitment process, employers can ensure that they are hiring fairly and without discrimination. By valuing diversity and inclusivity, employers can create an environment that develops creativity, innovation, and better decision-making. Let’s work together to create inclusive work communities that can offer everyone a chance to realize their true potential.


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