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 What we offer 

After being approached by several employers in recent years, we have answered the call for an extra hand in their hiring process. While we previously did not promote this service, word has been spreading as more and more employers attest to its success. We have been able to assist several local businesses with this new service, and we can’t wait to help you too!

The HBTC Recruitment Team is here to help. We can provide you with qualified candidates from a range of different industries and backgrounds who are looking for their next job opportunity. Our recruitment services make it easy for you to quickly search through CVs, so you can find the right person faster than ever before.

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 Don’t break the bank 

When you recruit with HBTC, there’s no upfront cost – only pay once the candidate is placed!

We understand how important hiring the right people is – they will make all the difference in terms of ensuring success within your organisation. With us on board, we’ll take care of everything from candidate sourcing and screening, to arranging interviews. And if that wasn’t enough – our low £995 fee upon placement ensures you get quality talent without going over budget!

The benefits of recruiting with HBTC


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