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Toby to climb the Yorkshire 3 peaks!

Toby to climb the Yorkshire 3 peaks!


Our Digital Marketer Toby is going to be taking on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge this summer!

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge is a grueling 26-mile hike through the Yorkshire Dales with the aim of completing the hike in under 12 hours.

The challenge starts in the Yorkshire village of Horton-in-Ribblesdale ascending Ingleborough first, moving onto Pen-Y-Ghent and finally Whernside.

A daunting feat for even the most advanced hikers, Toby is yet to reveal the charity he will be raising money for so stay tuned!

Check out the impressive peaks that make up Toby’s challenge. To learn more, explore the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge!

Pne-y-Ghent is the first of the Yorkshire 3 peaks


The smallest among the three peaks, standing at 694m, its name holds significance as it means ‘hill on the border’ in Celtic or ‘hill of the winds’ in Welsh. With a steep ascent and stunning views of the Dales, this rocky terrain presents an intriguing challenge.

Whernside is the second of three yorkshire peaks


At 736m, this peak stands as the tallest among the Three Peaks, offering breathtaking views of Morecambe Bay and the Irish Sea. While it may be less challenging to climb compared to the other two peaks, it still presents a beautiful and gradual ascent with captivating vistas and picturesque landscapes throughout the journey.

Ingleborough is the final peak in the Yorkshire 3 peaks


With its towering height of 723m, this peak offers a breathtaking spectacle with its dramatic steep sides and a flat top that provides picturesque views from every angle. In the past, it boasted a circular defensive wall constructed by the Brigantes to ward off Roman invaders. Ascending its steep slopes rewards you with awe-inspiring vistas, followed by a gentle descent into Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

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Toby Greenfield

Toby is our Learner Engagement Marketing Apprentice and is involved with all things social media and content development. He is also responsible for attending careers events and delivering presentations. Toby is dedicated to showcasing the apprenticeship opportunities available for individuals and businesses to embark upon.

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