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Yasmin: The Beal Homes Superstar Apprentice

Yasmin: The Beal Homes Superstar Apprentice


Yasmin is a rising star at Beal Homes. In the short time she has been there, Yasmin has become a well-known name within the company. Known for her can-do attitude and willingness to get stuck in and learn, Yasmin is the perfect example of what an apprentice can bring to a business.

Beal Homes is a long-standing, large home builder in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with a fierce reputation for delivering quality homes for over 50 years. To be a well-known employee in a business of that magnitude is incredible to see, proof that apprentices bring immense value to organisations.

Yasmin finished her education at Kelvin Hall School in Hull and quickly decided that an apprenticeship would be the ideal option for her. She wanted hands-on experience and the ability to learn on the job, which an apprenticeship would provide. Yasmin found us through our website and we helped her secure the role at Beal Homes.

Photo of Beal Homes's Superstar Apprentice Yasmin

When Yasmin first started as an Apprentice at Beal Homes, her duties comprised of completing the stationery order, plating up customer lunches, maintaining the coffee machines, franking the post and printing out the customer selections choices so they are ready for the site. Her role has evolved and since completing her L3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, Yasmin now orders food for meetings, books training for external/internal staff, manages the recruitment inbox, books in vehicle MOT/services, assists visitors and customers whilst covering the reception, printing house plans for Site Managers and so much more.

Thanks to Yasmin’s strong work ethic, excellent progress and infectious energy, she has become an invaluable piece of the puzzle at Beal Homes, allowing her to gain permanent employment at Beal Homes as an Office Administrator.

The most important skill Yasmin has learned during the apprenticeship has been managing priorities. Confidence is a strength that Yasmin has developed massively too, as she liaises with external suppliers and speaks to customers.

If you are considering recruiting an apprentice, Yasmin firmly believes that you should give candidates a chance who may lack work experience, as they could become valuable employees to the company, just like her!

Over the Christmas period, Yasmin helped a small team of 2 wrap over 300 Christmas presents, as well as helping organise the delivery of them. The task had to be completed across lunchbreaks to ensure the secret did not get out. Yasmin was more than happy to volunteer, demonstrating what a team player she is!

Sarah, the Office Manager at Beal Homes described Yasmin as having a “very mature work ethic” and “her enthusiasm in everything she does is infectious. No job is too large nor any task too menial. Yasmin has absorbed any instructions and information given to her, making notes to ensure she can move forward independently with tasks, taking more responsibility week after week.”

Sarah also believes that Yasmin has been very worthwhile to the business because Yasmin was an apprentice, it has allowed Beal Homes to teach her skills that directly relate to their business. Alongside her regular duties, Yasmin has helped out with other teams and departments to continue her development. Being allowed to do this has not only given her a better all-round experience within Beal Homes but has ensured that she is a better-rounded employee, which means that Yasmin can adapt to new situations effectively.

The advice Sarah would give to employers hiring an apprentice is “taking an apprentice is a two-way thing. Apprentices definitely require a lot more of your time, effort and patience than an already qualified, experienced employee, you are not just teaching them skills and experiences but life lessons too, but the satisfaction that comes with seeing a young person flourish and do well is immeasurable.”

The success Yasmin has achieved so far at Beal Homes is incredible and we’re all excited to see how she progresses in the future!

If this has inspired you to start your apprenticeship journey, we have lots of vacancies in Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe for you to check out!

Toby Greenfield

Toby is our Learner Engagement Marketing Apprentice and is involved with all things social media and content development. He is also responsible for attending careers events and delivering presentations. Toby is dedicated to showcasing the apprenticeship opportunities available for individuals and businesses to embark upon.

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