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Breaking Myths Surrounding Women in the Tech Industry

Breaking Myths Surrounding Women in the Tech Industry

The IT and tech industry is more diverse than you think. Yes, there is still an under-representation of women in the IT industry as a whole. However, the idea that the tech industry is solely made up of men is false.

Although despite the diversity, there are still myths that shroud the industry like a mist. This haze prevents women from entering the industry, as it can be tricky to look beyond them and see what amazing careers people from all backgrounds can achieve in the industry. So let’s switch on the lamp and defog these myths that cloak the industry to see what the sector is actually like.

Lack of Role Models:

There’s often a common misconception that there aren’t many role models for women in tech. Despite this, there are 35 female Microsoft MVPs in the UK. Throughout history, the industry has been bursting with female role models.

IT and Tech are for Men:

Yes, there is a higher proportion of men working in IT, although that shouldn’t put you off getting into the industry. There have always been women in tech. Did you know Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer, dating back to the 1800s?

Image of a woman working in the tech industry

Male-dominated culture:

People assume that if you head into the IT sector, the only conversations you will be having are about Video games and Pokémon. What you will actually find is that people are from all different backgrounds and have lots of different passions, just like any other company.

Hostile Work Environment:

The perception of a hostile work environment within the tech industry can be discouraging for women. Stories of discrimination and harassment, although true, have contributed to this myth. However, it’s essential to recognise that positive change is happening, with many companies actively working to create inclusive and respectful workplaces.

These are only a few of the myths surrounding the IT and Tech industry, which can be busted easily. There is still progress to make in the industry, although the sector is more diverse than you think.

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