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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2016 Expert Online Course



Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2016 Expert Online Course


The MOS Excel 2016 Expert Online Course is designed to cover the advanced features of Microsoft Excel, for students who have already completed the Excel Essentials Course or have a good understanding of the Excel software package.

The course follows the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert syllabus, and is the ideal study guide for those wishing to gain the industry-recognised MOS Expert certification.

The course can be purchased as a standalone course or alongside the Excel 2016 Essentials Online Course for a combined price of £225.00.

The MOS Excel 2016 Expert course is presented in a modern multimedia online format, with the constant support and guidance of your designated course tutor, who is there for you every step of the way.

The course contains valuable tips on preparing for the MOS examination and includes free access to the GMetrix range of MOS exam practice questions, which have the same format as the MOS exam itself.




The MOS Excel 2016 Expert Course Includes the Following Units:

Unit 1: Manage Workbook Options & Settings

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction;
  • Managing Workbooks;
  • Restrict Editing & Protect Workbooks;
  • Version Control & Formula Options;
  • Lesson Review & Quiz;
  • Assignment 1 – Workbook Options & Settings Exercises.
Unit 2: Apply Custom Data Formats & Layouts

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction;
  • Applying Custom Data Formats & Validation;
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting & Filtering;
  • Creating & Modifying Custom Workbook Elements;
  • Preparing A Workbook For Internationalisation;
  • Lesson Review & Quiz;
  • Assignment 2 – Custom Data Formatting Exercises.
Unit 3: Creating Advanced Formulas

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction;
  • Applying Functions in Formulas;
  • Lookup Data Using Functions;
  • Applying Advanced Date & Time Functions;
  • Importing & Analysing External Data;
  • Business Intelligence Features;
  • Troubleshooting Formulas;
  • Defining Named Ranges & Objects;
  • Lesson Review & Quiz;
  • Assignment 3 – Advanced Formula Exercises.
Unit 4: Creating Advanced Charts & Tables

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction;
  • Creating Advanced Charts;
  • Creating Pivot Tables;
  • Managing Pivot Tables;
  • Create & Managing Pivot Charts;
  • Lesson Review & Quiz;
  • Assignment 4 – Advanced Table & Chart Exercises;
  • The MOS Examination.

Key Information



Course Format

Self-study Time

Delivery Time



Approximately 80 Hours (Self-Study)

1-2 Working Days (Email)


GMetrix Test Prep Software

The course also comes with GMetrix exam preparation software. The GMetrix Skills Management System provides everything you need to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification.

Overview of Test features:

  • Practice tests map to the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam objectives.
  • All tests are in-application or performance-based simulations to provide the best assessment of real-world experience.
  • All tests have both a testing and a training mode providing step-by-step help on each question.
  • Progress at own pace, save test to resume later, return to skipped questions.
  • Detailed, printable score report highlighting areas requiring further review.

Please Note: You will need a version of Microsoft Office to be able to use the GMetrix software package.



Students should have completed the Excel 2016 Essentials Course or covered all of the subjects taught within the Excel Essentials syllabus.

Please Note: The course covers the use of Microsoft Excel 2016, which is a PC version of the software. It will be possible to view the course materials using an Apple Mac, although the information within the course will be specific to the PC version of Microsoft Office which will differ from Mac versions.


Course Duration & Online Support

You can start this course at any time, and you would be registered for a one-year period. You also have access to a personal tutor who can be contacted by email. Your tutor is available to assist with any queries and to mark your assignments.

As the course is self-study, you can complete it as quickly as you like. Support extensions are available if students do not complete the course within the one-year period.



You will be assessed on assignments which are detailed in the course materials. These assignments will require you to create work on, create and edit spreadsheet files. Your work can be sent back to your course tutor by email.


MOS Office 2016 Certification

On successful completion of this course students will receive our Excel 2016 Expert Certificate of Completion with feedback from your tutor, and students can also apply for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Expert 77-728 Exam.

Examinations must be sat at a registered Certiport Testing Centre. You should choose the Program, Version and Exam before adding your location for a list of suitable exam centres.

Exam vouchers (Valid for 12 Months) can be purchased for £90.00. We usually advise buying a voucher when you are ready to sit your test, although you can add this to your order when you purchase your course.

Please Note: Exam Centres will usually charge an additional proctoring fee (Approximately £15.00) for sitting exams.


who can I contact for more information?



Call Chris Dolman on 01482 211714




Register your interest and we will contact you

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