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Mental Health May

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Mental Health May


Mental health is a top priority for us all year round but this May we are putting extra emphasis on ensuring a mentally healthy environment for all.

From 13th May to 19th May it is Mental Health Awareness Week. This week was created by the Mental Health Foundation as an opportunity for the whole of the UK to come together to focus on getting good mental health. 

To raise awareness at HBTC we will all be taking part in wellness moments during our staff meetings and will be raising money for the Mental Health Foundation through some office based games.

In addition to this, staff are undertaking training around talking about suicide. This training is run by Zero Suicide Alliance and is a free online course which gives guidance about how to start a conversation around suicide. We recommend this course as a good introduction to starting, what some may find, a difficult conversation and we have put the link below if anyone would like to complete it. We have also supported the Zero Suicide Alliance by making a donation from HBTC which we hope will help them to continue to support and raise awareness about suicide prevention.

If you would like more help regarding your mental health, take a look at our support page which lists lots of local and national services that can provide you with information, advice and guidance.


If you have seriously harmed yourself – for example, by taking a drug overdose – or you feel that you may be about to harm yourself, call 999 for an ambulance or go straight to A&E.

Or ask someone else to call 999 or take you to A&E.

Laura Murray

Laura is our IT & Design Officer and is involved in anything IT or design related. She is also the supervisor of the Admin Team who keep things running smoothly here at HBTC. Laura is dedicated to ensuring systems and processes run as effortlessly as possible in the most visually appealing way.

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