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Meet the Staff: Sophie

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Meet the Staff: Sophie


Meet Sophie, one of our Tutor/Assessor here at HBTC. Sophie has been a part of our team here for almost 3 years. In this article you will get to know Sophie better, learn who her idol is, what she would sing at karaoke and more!

What is your job title and what do you most enjoy about your role?

I’m a Tutor/Assessor, I definitely enjoy the job satisfaction you get in a role like this. I love seeing apprentices pass their exams (there’s no better feeling than being the one to pass on their results to them), learn new skills and grow as a person. Being able to play a small role in their career development is always a great feeling. I always wanted to get into teaching, so to be able to pass knowledge on to others about subjects I care about and watch them run with what they’ve learnt – is definitely the most enjoyable part of the role.

Who is your idol and why?

Probably my mum, she’s one of the strongest, funniest and kindest people I know.

If you had the chance to spend an evening dinner with 3 people, which 3 people would it be and why?

I’d be boring and go for my three best friends but if I had to pick famous people alive or dead, I’d probably go for:

  • Bob Mortimer – he’s one of my favourite comedians, I love him on ‘Would I Lie to You’ so I know he’d tell the best stories. I also really enjoyed reading his autobiography a few years ago so it would be great to ask him more about that.
  • Jimmy Buffett – he wrote some brilliant songs and I’ve liked his music since I was little, so I feel like he’d bring the good music.
  • Woody Harelson – he’s not my favourite actor in particular but I just feel like he’d be a really interesting dinner guest!

What’s your favourite animal and why?

It has to be sharks, which will come as no surprise to most people in the office. I’ve been lucky enough to swim with nurse sharks (hopefully the first of many) and have two shark tattoos. I’ve loved them since I was a teenager – my dad let me watch Jaws at age 7 and it horrified me but I faced my fears and then they turned into my obsession – Jaws is now my favourite film.

Who’s your favourite band/artist?

My favourite band will always be the Beatles, they’re one of the reasons I went to university in Liverpool and I lived right across the road from Penny Lane, no one comes close to their genius or evolved their sound over such a short time frame, I never get tired of hearing them.

If you were forced to karaoke, what song are you singing?

I’ll never sing karaoke (the room would be cleared before the end of my first line) but if I could sing it would be Dead Ringer for Love by Meatloaf and Cher (if my best friend was there with me) or if I were on my own it would be Hotel California by The Eagles.


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Toby Greenfield

Toby is our Learner Engagement Marketing Apprentice and is involved with all things social media and content development. He is also responsible for attending careers events and delivering presentations. Toby is dedicated to showcasing the apprenticeship opportunities available for individuals and businesses to embark upon.

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