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Lifting techniques to save your back at work

Lifting techniques to save your back at work


We all do it, arching our backs lazily as we pick up a heavy object. We then go and sit down later and wonder why our back hurts.

According to Arthritis Research UK 1 in 6 adults in the UK suffer from back pain, a common cause is the mishandling of large or heavy objects. In this article, we will teach you how to safely pick up and carry large or heavy objects.


Firstly think about what you are going to be handling or lifting. Figure out where the object is going to be placed, will the object require help from someone else?

Straight back

Keep a straight back when picking up the object, squat down rather than arching your back. It will ensure you do not put additional strain on your back.

Keep the object close to you

Place the heavy end closest to your body, the further the object is from your centre, the greater the moment. That results in the object feeling heavier than it is. Never hold an object with your arms out straight.

Photo of two people lifting boxes using the wrong lifting techniques

Avoid twisting your back

When turning with the object, try to rotate using your legs rather than your back. This will stop your back from becoming strained.

Keep your head up when handling

Always keep looking in front of you to ensure you don’t bump into or hit any other objects.

Place the object down before adjusting

If you need to adjust your positioning, put down your object before doing this.

By following these guidelines, individuals can reduce the risk of back pain associated with lifting and carrying heavy objects effectively.

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