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Sienna: The Award-Winning Administrator Apprentice at Gleeson Homes

Sienna: The Award-Winning Administrator Apprentice at Gleeson Homes


Meet Sienna, our outstanding apprentice excelling in her Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship at Gleeson Homes. From making a smooth transition to becoming an Award-Winning Administrator Apprentice for her exceptional efforts, she continues to impress!

Finding the right route

After finishing secondary school, Sienna decided that she would rather put what she was learning into practice and gain experience during her educational journey. She realised that college education wasn’t the right fit for her future career goals. Sienna’s preference for hands-on learning led her to choose an apprenticeship over college, a choice she believes will set her up for success in the long run.

Photo of Award-Winning Administrator Apprentice, Sienna, holding her award

Sienna’s Journey at Gleeson Homes

Sienna kickstarted her career at Gleeson Homes by diving into their systems and mastering the ropes. Familiarising herself with these new systems enabled her to learn everything thoroughly, which has helped her settle into her role and develop her career quickly.

After understanding the systems, Sienna started to create healthy working relationships with colleagues. She often speaks to their site teams and works very closely with other departments, which helped her secure an award at Gleeson Homes.

Sienna loves being involved in the team and enjoys working with a wide range of people. Gleeson Homes has been excellent in catering to her needs, allowing her as much time as she needs to complete her apprenticeship coursework and have chats with her tutor. This support has greatly benefitted her, allowing her to get ahead of schedule for her coursework.

“The world of work isn’t as daunting as it seems!” Sienna said. She has fitted into her team so well that it doesn’t feel like a job at all to her! Having a little bit of confidence has gone a long way for Sienna. She used to be quiet and shy at school, but starting an apprenticeship has helped develop her confidence massively.

Gleeson Homes’ Shining Star

Did we mention Sienna won an award? Sienna has been named Gleeson Homes’ Shining Star! She received this prestigious accolade at Gleeson Homes’ annual apprenticeship awards, where she stood out among more than 50 apprentices from across all regions where Gleeson’s operate. The Shining Star Award recognises individuals with a stellar work ethic, drive for success, and positive impact on their team. Sienna’s dedication and contributions have truly made her shine throughout her apprenticeship and within Gleeson Homes.

Sienna is hoping to continue her development with Gleeson Homes, she’s looking forward to finishing her apprenticeship. Sienna’s longer-term aspiration is to train to be a mental health and medical first aider as she strives to continue to build her skills and develop her knowledge.

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