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My work experience at HBTC

My work experience at HBTC


We recently welcomed Lucy into the Recruitment Team as she completed a couple of days of work experience at HBTC and we were delighted to show her the ropes. Get an insider’s look at her time with us. Read Lucy’s experience below!

Hello, my name is Lucy and I recently spent 2 afternoons at HBTC doing work experience with the Recruitment Team. I was taught how to do many different things throughout the recruitment process, such as adding information to a website and finding suitable applicants for apprenticeships.

Day One – All Things Web and Social Media

On the first day, I learnt how job vacancies were added to their website. Some information that goes into adding the vacancies includes writing the different responsibilities within the apprenticeship, where the business is located, and any other information about the business. I learnt how to add a meta description to a website, which will help the business’s website be located higher up when searched on Google.

I also learnt how to design, write, and schedule social media posts covering topics such as new job vacancies, what to do if someone is having a diabetic emergency, and awards for apprentices. In order to design these posts, I used a website called Canva which helps design different forms of media. The website is very user-friendly and enabled me to create these posts easily in order for them to be full of the necessary information for HBTC’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I learnt how to schedule these posts to be posted on social media and to check for any mistakes whilst previewing the post.

Here is the artwork I created for HBTC’s Apprentice of the Year award post:

A picture of a trophy with stars surrounding it, saying that nominations have now closed for the apprentice of the year awards. An example of the work I completed on my work experience at HBTC

Day Two – Candidate Selection

On the second day, I learnt how they choose who to put forward for a particular apprenticeship. This process involves looking at specific details the employer is looking for in an apprentice, such as particular subjects studied or grades in Maths and English. Other factors are also taken into account, like whether or not the applicant can easily get to the business’s location. I was given example jobs and asked to find the most suitable people for the role by using their database which was full of the necessary information. I was taught how the database works, and how to find the information that is needed to find the best applicants for the role.

I also learnt how to write a CV, and got the chance to write my own. I found this especially useful, as when I begin applying for jobs, I will already have a CV which I can give to employers. I was told how best to lay out the CV for employers, and what information needs to be added. I learnt how to tailor the CV to appeal to employers, by including key points that link to the job.

Throughout my work experience, I have learnt how the recruitment process works, and what they do to help people enter apprenticeships.

If you’d like help from our experienced Recruitment Team, click the links below to find out how they can help you!

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