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Level 2 Digital Skills for Work (Care)

Level 2 Digital Skills for Work (Care)

In this fast-moving world, technology plays a huge part in daily life. The care As technology starts to play more of a role within care and support services, it’s important that care workers understand how to use it.

This online level 2 Digital Skills for Work qualification is perfect for anyone who works in a care setting. You’ll learn how to protect devices and important data containing patients’ details, and how to communicate effectively using different technologies. You will also gain the skills to create and manage an online identity on professional networks, which can aid your career progression.

  • Understand how to protect devices and data
  • Communicate socially and professionally using technology
  • Apply digital skills in personal and business situations
  • Use digital resources to facilitate their own career progression

Key Information


Awarding Body



Fully Funded*


6 Weeks

Online and Paper-based

You must live in England and be over 19 years old to be eligible.

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